Soothing Music

15 09 2011

So often the battle can be in our minds.  When faced with heartbreaking circumstances with my son or because of my MS, I have to fight thoughts of fear.  When hopelessness begins to creep in tempting me to have a pity party, I have to keep my mind stayed on Him.  The song ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ is one that expresses how I choose to bless the name of Jesus.   Here are some of the lyrics:

 Blessed be Your Name in the land that is plentiful

Where Your streams of abundance flow

Blessed be Your Name

 Blessed be Your Name when I’m found in the desert place

Though I walk through the wilderness

Blessed be Your Name

 Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise   

When the darkness closes in, Lord

Still I will say blessed be the Name of the Lord

Blessed be Your Name

Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Blessed be Your glorious Name

 Blessed be Your Name when the sun’s shining down on me

When the world’s all as it should be

Blessed be Your Name

 Blessed be Your Name on the road marked with suffering

Though there’s pain in the offering

Blessed be Your Name

 You give and take away

You give and take away

My heart will choose to say

Lord, blessed be Your Name

 Words & Music by Matt & Beth Redman 

© 2002 ThankYou Music 

 What worship song or hymn has ministered to you?