Do you have trouble sleeping?

12 04 2012

Apparently many of us are sleep deprived. A new parent trying to get a baby to sleep. A young child worrying about an upcoming test. A teenager texting instead of sleeping. A professional still trying to figure out the solution to a business problem. A teacher reflecting on her lessons into the wee hours of the night. Parents waiting past midnight for their young adult daughter to come home. Parents agonizing through the night wondering where their prodigal teen has gone.

Some of us struggle because of chronic pain or illness.

Visit Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals (Rest Ministries) to read a devotional I wrote (and find more devotionals written by other people with chronic pain or illness).  This recent devotional is entitled, “Enduring Those Painful, Sleepless Nights When Chronically Ill.”

What do you do when you lie awake at night?