What’s on your to-do list?

12 07 2012

If I didn’t write myself a to-do list, I’m not sure I’d accomplish anything. Without a plan, it’s possible I’d spend hours doing nothing constructive. Absolutely nothing useful. My activity wouldn’t translate into productivity.

Special education teachers have a phrase for doing things other than what should be done: avoidance behaviors. Doing anything to keep from doing something unpleasant or at least something less fun.

Reading a cookbook instead of doing laundry. Organizing photos into a memory book instead of filing important papers. Calling a friend instead of cleaning out the refrigerator. Watching a TV show instead of studying.

My engaging in avoidance behaviors usually leads to procrastinator guilt.

I recently wrote a devotional about a heavenly to-do list.

You can find that devotional on Rest Ministries website. It’s entitled “When You Have a Chronic Illness, List . . .Your Accomplishments?”  ” and was posted July 12th.

Visit Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals (Rest Ministries) to read that devotional (and find more devotionals written by other people with chronic pain or illness).