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I’m working on an inspirational book for mothers who have children with special needs tentatively titled Hard Parenting, Constant Care.  When our sons were younger it was nearly impossible for me to read a book cover to cover.  Sometimes I counted it a major accomplishment if I managed to read one Bible verse.  So, the format of the book is written as short chapters.  Each chapter includes a peak into my journey as a mother of a special needs child.  I share my ups and downs of parenthood, the challenges and victories, and all the ranges of emotions.  Throughout each phase of my life, I have to give constant care….hard to do without the constant care from my Lord who was always faithful.   

 I’d love your thoughts on this project.

What would you like to see included in this book?

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21 06 2014
Stacy Lee Flury

I think this is an awesome idea. So many parents feel alone in their journey of caring for a special needs child. Any encouragement needed I’m sure would be welcomed. It sounds like you are going in the right direction. I would include tips (such as 1 or 2 tips at the end of each chapter or a special section at the end of the book) that you have learned as a parent that could be helpful to other parents raising special needs children.

21 06 2014
Vicki Chandler

Thanks, Stacy, for your suggestions. I had abandoned the idea for such a book and switched to my blog for moms raising kids with mental illness. Your encouragement has revived my motivation to pursue such a manuscript. Might use messages posted on my blog (
“Parents feel alone in their journey of caring for a special needs child.”: so true!!!

21 06 2014
Stacy Lee Flury

Vicki…there is a huge need for something like this. I have met many parents who don’t know how to respond to others, how to use tools that could benefit not only their child, but for themselves. I was lost for a long time and had to figure out many coping skills on my own for my one daughter before we could find a good counselor. I also found and still do, a lot of parents who feel guilty as if it is their fault for their child’s situation. They won’t share this, but it is something that they feel inside. What better encouragement can someone have then to get it from someone else in the same situation.

21 06 2014
Vicki Chandler

Stacy, I’m grateful you’ve added your voice to my blog. Each semester college students at Cairn U. are required to check out this blog (as part of their Foundation of Special Education course). This gives them insight into the heart of a parent raising a child with special needs. It also provides a biblical perspective on issues surrounding education. A very real problem is the needless guilt parents face, which leads to isolation and loneliness. So glad you articulate their feelings. Keep speaking for us!

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