Grateful for Routine Things

16 10 2011

Many of the ordinary things we do throughout each day can feel like drudgery.  Maybe some of the necessary tasks feel like punishment at times.

Is it possible to enjoy food shopping?  I’m sure it depends on who you’re with (or not with), if you have money, if you’re trying to diet…

Nowadays, I enjoy food shopping. Thanks to Wegmans. 

I even started a discussion about Wegmans in my community.  It’s my favorite food store.  There are TONS of choices! The customer service is unsurpassed.  It’s a fun and surprisingly quiet place to have a meeting.  I could go on. 

No, I’m not related to the owner.  I just love it.  I enjoy doing the weekly food shopping with my husband.  I’m grateful we have money to buy food during these tough economic times.

Do you have a routine task that’s also a simple joy in your life?

Wegmans Food Store