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20 06 2015

child.hand.Bible  child.Bible

Raising a child means preparing them for… How would you finish that statement?

Parents teach toddlers how to walk, talk, and dress. They show their young children how to play sports, do homework, and behave.

We want them to be happy and healthy. To have successful careers. And become responsible citizens.

Most of all, we care about how they interact with others and that they contribute to society. Efforts are made to improve their self-esteem and to build their character.

Should we be doing more? Can we teach children how to think—to develop Christ-like thinking and to have a biblical worldview? Is it ever too early to start teaching a child to have a biblical worldview?

What in the world is a biblical worldview? I recently attended a conference on Biblical Integration hosted by Cairn University. Information shared at that conference helped me create two documents (below). They may be helpful to you as you raise a child to have a biblical worldview.

One document summarizes information on a chart. The other longer document provides more details. It includes specific examples, strategies, and bible verses presented in ‘kid language’ in the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV).

Click on the document(s) that interests you.

  1. Biblical.Worldview.4.kids.chart
  2. Biblical.Worldview.4.parents (detailed information)

Here are two other resources that may help you in your endeavor to disciple you child:

  1. Bible Verses for young children-behavior
  2. Laying the Foundation with music’ (A Powerpoint presentation I created based Robert Fulghum’s book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten. Bible verses support the concepts contained in the presentation.)



5 responses

23 06 2015
Lynn Severance

AMAZING – but not a “maze” – so well defined.

Your resources are going to make those who use them so grateful for the time you put into creating them. They make me want to go and find some “kids” and dig in myself.

A+ 🙂

23 06 2015
Vicki Chandler

Dear Lynn,
Your words of affirmation mean so much, considering how much I value your opinion (as a gifted educator).
The A+ put a smile on my face. Guess everyone enjoys a stamp of approval-even kids in big bodies!

23 06 2015
Lynn Severance

I posted the link to this page on my Facebook page and others are chiming in and loving it and one person so far has shared it to her FB page.

So there!! Look what your perseverance has given to others and this is just the beginning!

xo Lynn

23 06 2015
Vicki Chandler

Thanks, Lynn, for passing it along and sharing it with others!:-)

23 06 2015
Lynn Severance

Glad to and I also printed it out for myself!

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