Boston Marathon

16 04 2013

marathon runner
“I can’t sleep.”
What’s the solution? It depends on who’s got the problem.

Adults battle sleepless nights. Young parents literally can’t get any sleep.

Hospital noises may prevent a patient from sleep. Snoring may be the culprit in a marriage.

But, if your child said it the night of the bombing in Boston, you know exactly what that meant. Your child was really saying, “I’m scared. I’m worried it could happen here.”

Parents once again are struggling with what to say to their young children. How can we calm their fears when our own sense of security has been rocked?

Worry consumes our thoughts.
Why did this happen? HOW could it happen? Can we prevent it from happening again?

Experts are saying there’s really no way they could ever guarantee complete safety for an event such as the Boston Marathon. There’s a limit to what can be done.

Likewise, there’s a limit to what we can do to ease the fears of a child. We can assure them adults are working to keep them safe. But, we can’t give them what they desperately need: complete peace.

When our son, Chris, was in elementary school, I felt similar helplessness. I couldn’t guarantee his safety when he went off to school. He often got bullied (as many children with ADHD did). I reassured him that adults were there to help. And I prayed with him.

In high school, Chris suffered a break from reality. He received help from a psychiatrist and entered a psychiatric unit. After his release from the hospital, he received homebound instruction.

When he returned to school, I worried he might be too mentally and emotionally fragile.
What if he becomes fearful or gets distressed? What will he do? Where will he go? Who will help him there?

I gave him a Pass It On® Message Card to keep in his pocket. He could pull it out anytime he needed reassurance from his heavenly Father. The card reminded him God was with him. Each message would restore perfect peace.

Chris learned that the Bible truly is the best weapon for worry. God’s sword can battle fears. There is power in the Word.
The bombing in Boston may have ripped through your child’s peaceful thoughts. In addition to what you’re doing and saying, pass along a scripture message. Your child can cling to God’s strong hand whenever or wherever you’re not there. By reading the powerful message of hope you lovingly tuck inside the pocket of his pants.



6 responses

30 08 2013
Kate Eubank

Thank you for everything that you stand for and post about. I am truly blessed reading the deeply spiritual and emotional practicality that you offer your readers. As a future teacher and parent, I am thankful to know that blogs like this are in existence and can be a constant source of encouragement from a knowledgeable and experienced Christian educator/parent. God’s blessings be upon you!

30 08 2013
Vicki Chandler

Hi Kate,
Nice to hear from you! Your words have prompted me to get back to posting on this blog (once I recover from my gall bladder surgery).
I’ve been away for some time because I’ve been busy self-publishing a picture book about bullying. “Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies” is now available on Amazon. My Heart Eyes website, which is only temporary, will soon be completed. Once finished, it will have several free things for educators. So check out
Would love to pass along anything you’d find useful!

1 09 2013
Seth Richardson

This was a very interesting read. I think I would agree with what Kate wrote. It is exciting to see that there are people out there who can give advice and support for new teachers and new parents. I will definitely remember to search out this blog as I begin my teaching career.

2 09 2013
Vicki Chandler

May God bless you as you begin your teaching career.

5 09 2013
Luke Harris

Thank you for sharing. This is an inspirational read because I believe to encourage children means to ensure growth, especially if they fear specific things like that. It is amazing to know that prayer is beneficial in this, especially for the children. Thank you.

5 09 2013
Vicki Chandler

Great point, Luke: “To encourage children means to ensure growth.” Spiritual growth undergirds all growth. The more students know of God’s power, presence, love, and faithfulness, the more they’ll trust Him and turn to Him.
And, yes, prayer is powerful…such a shame we often plug into that diving power as a last resort when we’re desperate. I learned the hard way: when I couldn’t be there for my son, all I could do was pray. I discovered that’s the best thing I can do for my son. It’s the best thing we can do for our students (to pray for each one and their family specifically).

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