What is differentiated instruction?

14 02 2013

DI pic
What comes to mind when you hear “differentiated instruction (DI)?
Can you explain DI in simple terms?

Teachers and college students are required to do extensive reading on the subject. Thorough research only seems to cloud the issue. Understanding the concept is easy. Implementing it is difficult, to say the least.

A colleague asked me to meet with her for one hour. She wanted me to explain, in just sixty minutes, how to apply DI. First, I had to figure out how to sift out the most practical strategies and best practices. I challenged myself to identify key concepts and explain each in one sentence.

Here’s what I came up with.
Summary of DI

Check out the Prezi I created for a teacher-training workshop.

The Death of a Dog

6 02 2013

Recently, our beloved 13 yr. old cocker spaniel died.

Sometimes the loss of a dog is so painful that grown men vow to never get another pet. Animal lovers of all ages grieve when their dogs die.

Our furry friends are such a big part of our lives. When they die, the sorrow we experience can match that of when a person passes away.

We’ve been receiving sympathy cards. Love and prayers from others comfort us and ease our pain.

Journaling gives me an outlet for my grief. Read “A Symbol of Unconditional Love” as my gift to fellow pet lovers.
A Symbol of Unconditional love

You’ll read more about how God is comforting me through this recent loss on my other blog for mothers of children with mental illness. Read the post “Help me, God.”

Find some of our fondest moments with our dog by clicking on this link: