Adjusting to Change

24 10 2012

Who loves change? Does anyone even like it? Not me. I tend to resist (never embrace it!).

What I DO love is autumn. I can’t seem to get enough of trees splashed with vibrant colors. I’ve taken over 200 pictures and plan to capture more of their beauty while they last.

Recently I wrote a devotional about how the gorgeous fall foliage spoke to me. Changes in temperature reveal the hidden beauty of the leaves, colors that were there all along. Changes brought on by MS have revealed the beauty of God’s faithfulness that was there all along.

You can find that devotional on Rest Ministries website. It’s entitled “The Trees Sing for Joy With Promises of Fall” and was posted October 24th.

Visit Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals (Rest Ministries) to read that devotional (and find more devotionals written by other people with chronic pain or illness).



8 responses

26 10 2012
Lynn Severance

Hi Vicki – I found your blog via the RM devotional, as well as visiting your web site. You are one busy lady with a lot to share. Thank you for being such an inspiration to each of us who read your words!

26 10 2012
Lynn Severance

Vicki – I found your blog and also your web site via the RM devotional. Wow – you have so much to share here. Thank you for being such an inspiration to each of us who read your words of care.

26 10 2012
Vicki Chandler

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for visiting my blog. That’s such an encouragement. I sometimes wonder if anyone is benefitting from my posts. All for now…our 12 yr. old Cocker is demanding food and a walk!

27 10 2012
Lynn Severance

Vicki – I understand what you are saying as to wondering how many people may be benefiting from your blog postings. I only began blogging last May. If someone leaves a comment, I know that they have been touched in some way. When I look to see how many viewings my blog has had, I am quite stunned at the numbers. I have no way of knowing if someone happened upon it from a “google” search or seeing the link on a RM devotional or if someone stopped by and then left fast as they “hit” on it by accident!

So, I find that it is one more surrender to God to use it as He sees fit. I only know that when He gives me something to write – I write!

27 10 2012
Vicki Chandler

Thanks, Lynn. So, “When He gives me something to write – I’ll write!”
By the way, I recently changed the look of this blog. Should I change the top banner pic, or even find a different look? Suggestions?

28 10 2012
Lynn Severance

Vicki – as I have just come to your blog in recent days, I have nothing to compare the current look to what you had before. The page is crisp and clear cut in look, the top menu of choices one has to look at to navigating the site is also well laid out.

I’d say a lot depends on the tone you want to set as far as images at the top – the banner. The sun on the water speaks of reflection which your writings are designed to do. If anything, it would be nice to see the image a bit more full ( as in height ) as it is such a beautiful photo. That could mean a change in resizing the letters your title and menu topics so that the photo image does not dwarf them. It is a small thing to even suggest this but it was all I could think of and even, at that, the present banner part of your page looks good!

I feel limited in what I can do on my particular blog format – mostly from lack of knowledge. I have friends who use blogger and have much more elaborate ( yet in good taste ) layouts. For now, I am staying put as fussing too much, I could lose what I have! It was victory enough to learn to post what is there so far!

28 10 2012

Thanks, Lynn, for your thoughtful reply to my question. I’d also like the top banner to be wider, but the template I’m using won’t allow it. I know there are other templates which would allow a wider banner, but I’d have to pay for them. So, I’m glad you think the current look is fine. Yes, I was hoping to convey a sense of reflection with the choice of the banner.

28 10 2012
Lynn Severance

Ah, Vicki, I understand. I was wanting the title on my blog centered. A couple of knowledgeable people ( well, more knowledgeable than I) have gone in to my layout section and that “title” will not move! It may be the same in my case, that one goes to a different level to customize. Well, rest assured that what you have is very fine. You have a pleasant site to visit, both visually and content wise!

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