Withstanding Life’s Difficulties

19 02 2012

You wonder: Does anyone know what I’m enduring? Who really knows what I face each day? Can anybody understand my frustrations and sorrow? How can I survive these problems?

Minor difficulties irritate us. Challenges confront our resolve. Failures shake our confidence. Unrealized expectations rob us of hope.  Betrayal angers us. Disappointments shred our trust in God. Tragedies shatter all joy.

Turbulence surrounds us. Where can we find security? Who can we depend on?

Visit Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals (Rest Ministries) to read a devotional I wrote (and find more devotionals written by other people with chronic pain or illness).  This recent devotional is entitled, “Withstanding Disease.”

Are you currently being swallowed up in tribulation? As if quick sand is sucking you into despair? How do you withstand your life’s difficulties?



5 responses

11 04 2012

Dear Vicky,

Thanks for your latest devotional on Rest Ministries. Dealing with pain and its challenges its so hard. Thanks for reminding me to keep my eyes on Jesus at all times, especially when pain is high.
With gratitude for all the prayers and encouragement,

11 04 2012

Dear Daniel,
Yes, pain is real. But God is greater still.
It helps for partners in pain (like us) to reach out to one another.

11 04 2012

Dear Daniel,
Have you had a chance to check out Rest Ministries? The devotionals are always so uplifting and inspirational. Reading all the comments from others dealing with chronic pain and illness reminds me I’m not alone. Others understand. The message is also if God can help them, He will surely help me.

11 04 2012

I am aware of Rest Ministries. Perhaps, the most I struggle to comprehend why God does not intervene to take the suffering away(I do not mean this in a vengeful way), especially where doctors can’t do anything. It isn’t helped that for so many Christians illness and pain is a sign of God’s disfavour, punishment for personal sin, lack of faith to receive healing. Comments like these almost drove me to suicide.
I do not doubt God’s love, especially at Easter, I’ve been reminded of how much pain and suffering, the son of God, Jesus endured on my behalf.
One cannot help but wonder with all the impact it has on persons and families, what logic and purpose is there in years of constant physical pain, especially when nobody around you can even begin to comprehend what you go through. When the losses are so great that nothing is left of your selfworth.
Why God does not heal anymore like we read in the New Testament, when Jesus healed all illness and suffering?

11 04 2012
Vicki Chandler

Dear Daniel,
I’m so grateful you’re no longer suicidal. One of your comments really encouraged me. “I do not doubt God’s love.” Knowing your struggle with constant pain, that tells me God has been faithful to reveal His presence, peace, and comfort.

I appreciate your honesty. You’re certainly not the only one who struggles to comprehend why God does not intervene to take suffering away. Especially when we know how it impacts us and our loved ones.

My pastor once said, “When you don’t know what’s happening, hold on to what you do know.” We do know God’s ways aren’t like our ways. We know that what He allows, He’ll use for His kingdom and for His glory. We know He loves us. How do we know that? Sing the words to the familiar song ‘Jesus Loves Me.’
Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

When losses destroy our self-worth, we can find our value in God-esteem. I coined that phrase when I ached for so many Christians who had poor self-esteem. Shifting the focus on how much God esteems us does wonders for how we feel about ourselves.

That’s what led me to write a book about it called ‘God Esteem, Not Self-Esteem’ found at: http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0033187050/God-Esteem-Not-SelfEsteem.aspx. The basic premise: The God of the universe created you…He has a perfect plan for your life…He gave His only Son to die for you…Accepting His free gift of salvation makes you a child of the King!

As we journey through this life filled with sin and suffering, I’m grateful for others who testify of God’s faithfulness. The lessons they learn through their suffering encourage me.
Why do we suffer?
Mary J. Yerkes listed several reasons on her devotional posted March 20th of this year (on Rest Ministries). That devotional entitled ‘When We Suffer: A Biblical Perspective on Chronic Pain and Illness’ can be found at:

May God continue to comfort and encourage you.

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