ADHD Awareness Week

16 10 2011

Check out the wonderful YouTube video created by ADHD Aware

It’s wonderful that there are so many resources for parents nowadays. 

Years ago, I traveled a lonely path.

My son (now 31 yrs. old) was identified with ADHD in 1985.  Most people never heard of ADHD.  Hyperactive behavior was considered the result of poor parenting.  So, the logical treatment was to judge the parent…give them advice whether they asked for it or not.

The CHADD support group was cancelled in 1987 due to lack of participation – not a single parent attended!  Fortunately, I knew about the disorder because I began my career in special ed. in 1976. Even when I was a child in the ‘60’s I knew about minimal brain dysfunction (what ADHD was called back then:  My uncle worked for CIBA, so I knew about Ritalin.

 I’m grateful there is growing awareness of girls who have ADHD. 

Andi’s Antics is a charming children’s book about a girl who discovers she has ADD and learns how it affects her. 

Andi's Antics



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