Soaring Self-Esteem

14 10 2011

In my community I started a discussion about ‘Soaring Self-Esteem.’   When one of our sons was suffering from low self-esteem a counselor shared a biblical truth that transformed my thinking.

 He said that Chris will find his esteem in the knowledge that the God of the universe created him perfectly, sent His son to die for him, and has a purpose for his life. 

 What a concept!  God-Esteem is the solution to low self-esteem.  It’s all about our focus.  If we simply focus on how much God loves us, our self-esteem will soar.

 So often we feel helpless to heal our child’s hurting heart.  This is something you do to minister to your child.  Sharing this truth will help his/her self-esteem soar!

 This simple and biblical solution to poor self-esteem led me to publish a book entitled God Esteem, Not Self Esteem.




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