I put it in a safe place.

11 10 2011

Our son and his wife will soon be adoptive parents of a baby girl.  When my son was a toddler his favorite stuffed animal was Kitty.  He had a zoo of other stuffed animals, in addition to several characters from The Cat in the Hat books and several Popples.  I’ve saved Kitty for 29 years. 

For some reason I was keeping Kitty and several other valuable stuffed animals in the trunk of my car (in a black trash bag). So, I moved them to a safe place – a place where I knew I’d find them. Guess what…

I was SURE we put the black trash above our garage. My husband climbed up and looked all around. No Kitty.

No problem…on to the shed.  My other son and I looked for 3½ hours. No Kitty. But the shed was all organized.

No problem…on to the garage. I looked for 4 hours. No Kitty. But the garage was all organized.

No problem…on to my son’s old bedroom.  I looked in there. No Kitty.  [It was already organized by my son.]

Now it’s almost a problem. I’m running out of places to look. I should have left Kitty in the trunk of my car!

Meanwhile, I’ve been reunited with lots of things I haven’t seen for a while.

Why do we put our greatest treasures in those elusive ‘safe’ places?

I’m glad God’s keeping track of my treasures in heaven.  I’m doing a lousy job keeping track of some of my earthly treasures.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has misplaced a valuable item by storing it in a ‘safe’ place?!!!



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