A New Perspective

7 10 2011

Fall is my favorite season.  The lower humidity is easier for me to tolerate with my MS (since high humidity weakens me and makes my aches more painful).  I love to take pictures of the beautiful foliage. 

In high school I was given an assignment to photograph beauty.  The challenge was to find it from different perspectives: looking closely at a blade of grass dripping with dew, looking up to the sky through trees, finding beauty in unusual lighting…

Morris Arboretum

My walk to the bus stop was a whole new adventure.  It made me realize I had been missing beauty all around me.  Even a network of worms would be transformed into a lovely lace design (when I mentally framed it). 

That assignment not only opened my eyes to previously unseen beauty, it opened the eyes of my heart.  How much beauty do I miss in others?  What can God show me if I shift my perspective upward? 

There is so much beauty to find in others.  Oh the joy of a heavenward perspective!  There is so much to learn about God’s love.





One response

8 10 2011

Hi Vivki,

The more time I spend with you, the mpore I see the beauty in your heart…you are a lovely and beautiful person inside and out….all because of Jesus…..love debbie

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