28 09 2011

What is your greatest challenge?

Sometimes my greatest challenge is ignoring my MS fatigue in order to get out of bed.   A year ago my greatest challenge was teaching two courses at a university.  I quickly got brain drain due to my MS cognition problems…didn’t have the mental stamina.  The Lord told me to inform the dean of education I could no longer teach a course.  It was such a loss.  I loved having a part in preparing the next generation of teachers.  I was happy to still have opportunities to assist other professors (being a guest speaker).  I also had several chances to oversee a student doing an independent study of a course.  Recently the dean asked if I’d consider teaching a course in the spring of 2012.  My mind said yes, but my body said no way!  But the Lord was saying, “Do it.”  That will be a huge challenge for me.  But I know God is greater still.  If He’s calling me to do this, He’ll provide all I need.

Are you facing a great challenge?  Is your challenge dealing with all the smaller details of life?  Is your challenge an inner struggle?  What’s your challenge?



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